Dash & Aasgard

one of my close friends mama said it best, “it’s a sad day when your dog becomes a dog.” simply put, but so much emotions behind that one sentence. Before DashIell, Aasgard was our first baby, our little fur child, and though that is still true, after giving birth to Dash, things have inevitably changed. It has been an adjustment not only for us, but also for him. It’s hard to explain to a dog that soon he will have a new best friend who will be obsessed and have so much energy and love to give him. At first Aasgard was like hold on, who is this new kid in town stealing my love and attention, but over the last 4 months it has been a very special thing to see Aasgard warm up to Dash, and start to develop their own type of love. After learning this kid is here to stay, he has become so sweet and attentive to Dash. Our hearts are full everyday witnessing their little love develope.

my first mother’s day | bainbridge island

It was my first mother’s day this year! I was so blessed to spend the weekend with my family and soak in all the love God has blessed me with. The weekend was beautiful, messy, fun, uplifting, full of cuddles, flowers, and nature!

mornings in the hundred acre wood

pooh bear has been my absolute favorite since I was a child and now I get to share that joy with my son, during our morning story time; adventuring deep into the hundred acre wood, with Pooh bear, piglet, eeyore, owl, kanga, little roo, tigger, rabbit & all of rabbits friends and relations.

earth & vine wine bar | bainbridge island

I have a special place in my heart for this beautiful wine bar! I used to be behind the bar pouring the glasses, now have the pleasure of sipping and photographing the deliciousness! This delightful little bar is located in Lynnwood on Bainbridge Island, and it is little sanctuary for locals. The wine list and charcuterie is delectable, and the specials are fabulous! 1/2 off Bottle Tuesday, complimentary cheese plate Wednesday, and live music on the weekends. The owner and ambience are so warm and inviting, you’ll never want to leave.


easter sunday with my family

It was Dashiell’s first Easter, and he dressed his best. We celebrated Jesus, and my sisters birthdays with my family. 20 years ago my mom made my sisters barbie cakes for their birthdays so this year she decided to bring the barbies back for the occasion.

A friend invented an amazing leash that has it all, it’s called the Lander Leash. You can walk it, clip it, and screw it all built into one product. You can easily walk your dog, clip them easily without having to unclip them from their collar, and you can screw it into the ground to secure them while you hangout outside! You can literally bring your dogs anywhere you go with this one product. You can find this product on amazon and

Dashiell James Hannon

After a very fast and very scary delivery, the love of our life was born. I am without words on how to describe the feeling of seeing and holding my son for the first time. After carrying him in my womb for 9 months to having in here, in my arms is the most surreal and overwhelming feeling of love unlike anything I could have dreamed or imagined. He has forever changed my life. He is perfect.

Pregnancy | A Dash of life

In June of 2018 my husband and I found out that we were going to have a baby! We were so overjoyed and thus the pregnancy adventure began. The first trimester was tough (though to be expected) it felt like one really long hangover without the benefit of wine. As my belly grew so did the curiosity of who this baby was going to be, what they were going to look like, and the love we shared for them. Early October we found out that our sweet little baby was a boy! The real day dreaming began as we started to envision on son and what life would be like with him, what would he inherit from dad and mom. After a fairly easy second trimester (thank you Jesus), the third began and every day I grew increasingly tired and so did my bump. Baby boy was due February 21, and he decided he was not ready to come out yet. 4 days after my due date I had a false labor, I went in they checked me out and told me I was still not dilated enough and to go home and wait. 6 days past my due date I went in again to be checked out, because nothing had changed and I anxious to say the least to FINALLY meet our little baby boy; they scheduled me to be induced the following night. We went home and thought, we’re going to get some rest and prep for his arrival, nervous about the inducement but excited we finally knew when we were going to meet him. We went home from the OBGYN and watched our favorite reality show (The Challenge) and I started to feel the contractions come on. Thinking again that this might be another false alarm I waited it out and started timing them. By 1 o’clock in the morning they were getting stronger and closer together. I woke up my husband at 2 o’clock and said it’s go time! Of course the ferries had stopped running this early in the morning. Thus we had to drive around to Seattle. Let me tell you that car ride was the from hell. My husband and I were silent, besides my animalistic moans and groans of pain. The contractions were 2 minutes apart and lasting 1-1.5 minutes long. We finally got to the hospital at 4:12, my contractions were now every minute lasting a minutes and a half long. With barely time to catch my breath another round of tremendous pain would roll in. They checked my cervix and I was only 2cm dilated! I wanted to cry, how could I possibly only be 2 cm dilated. They gave me an IV to try and slow my contractions down but my blood pressure sky rocketed and baby began to experience major stress and his heart rate started to drop. They started to run tests, and sending more and more nurses in to monitor us, then finally the doctor came in and said looks like someone is ready for that epidural. Words have never felt more comforting in my life! Since my contractions were happening more than they weren’t happening they had to administer the epidural while I was contracting, and as soon as that needle went in my water broke. It was the perfect storm. The concern for baby began to increase as his heart rate still continued to drop. Before I knew it they were rushing me into the OR, I looked behind me and see my husband running alongside my bed putting scrubs on. As they put up the blanketed shield I turned to ask am I having a C section? With the response yes, your incision is underway. I looked at my husband and told him “I’m so scared”. With about 10 people surrounding me, throwing out words like abruption, baby is stressed, his heart rate is dropping. Fear was coursing through my body…this is not how this was supposed to go. After some major pressure and pain, I hear this little cry; and in an instant the world stopped. He was here! He was finally here, our little boy. They went to clean him up my husband cut his umbilical cord, and I still couldn’t move. My son, I wanted to see my son, someone show me my son. What felt like an eternity (which in reality was 5 minutes or so) they brought him over to me and laid him by my face (because I was paralyzed from basically my arms down) couldn’t yet hold him. They stapled me up and had to call the X-ray machine up because it all happened so fast that they hadn’t had time to could their tools and needed to make sure no tool or gauze was left behind. The x-rayologist laughed and said we never make it up to this floor (which was very reassuring to me). Dashiell James Hannon was born at 6:37am.

Grandma’s Tree Farm | Bainbridge Island

My husband and I went to Grandma’s u-cut Tree Farm to pick out our Christmas Tree, and boy did we find a pretty one! We always try to shop local around this time of year!

Pumpkin Patch | Suyematsu Farm Bainbridge Island

This fall my lovely ladies and I gathered to the local Pumpkin Patch on our beloved little Island we all grew up on. We picked out the best pumpkins for our little pumpkin carving party, sipped hot cider, watched hocus pocus, and I had a little gender reveal surprise for our little bundle of joy. So blessed to grow up with these beauties and share special, precious moments throughout the years.

Wine Tasting, Birthday Celebration, and Lawn Games makes for the perfect summer days!

We Celebrated a dear friends birthday by renting a party bus, going wine tasting, playing lawn games and ate lots of pizza! What could be better than that??! We drove (or our party bus driver drove us) to Woodinville where we stopped off at a few tasting rooms, drank lots of wine, ate some charcuterie, played games, and danced the whole way home.

Lettuce Love Farm | Queen Anne Farmers Market

Lettuce Love Farm is a beautiful small independent farm located in Carnation WA. They specialize in sustainable vegetables, microgreens, and pastured eggs. One of my dear friends growing up Lauren Tyner is one of the co-farmers along with her partner Kevin, and let me tell you they grow the most delicious veggies I have ever seen and eaten! You can catch them at the Queen Anne Farmers Markets on Thurdays (3-7:30PM) and the Mercer Island Farmers Market on Sundays (10am-3pm).

Orcas Island, Wa. Camp Trip June 2018

My husband, goldendoodle Aasgard and I enjoyed a nice long weekend away camping at Obstruction Pass over on Orcas Island. Both us growing up on Bainbridge Island and love our island get aways. We were the only ones up there for a couple of the days we were there and we felt like we had the whole island to ourselves. The San Juan Islands have a special place in our hearts and we enjoy sneaking out of the city to unplug and spend some time outside.

Valley and Rose Flower Truck

Seattle's First Vintage Flower Truck, Valley and Rose opened up last weekend! Build your own bouquets or have the lovely boss ladies Meryl and Alex help you build beautiful blooms out of their adorable 1959 Voltswagon pick up! They have weekly popups and are available for events. I completely fell in love with them and this delightful flower truck! To find out more information about them or where you can find them check out their social media pages.